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Chakra Work

The chakras, our main energy centers in the connection between heaven and earth, control various areas in our lives. The so-called Inner Wheels have been experienced and described by various cultures such as the Maya and Aztecs for several thousand years. Many techniques have been found and developed to work with the chakras.

In contrast to other methods, I do not work psychologically on the various chakra topics but focus on the energy techniques I use to clean your system and enable you to work with the chakras in a more unblocked way.

Here is a description of the methods I mainly use:

The INNER ALIGNMENT activates the chakras and establishes a natural essential cleansing and re-connection as your energetic system can hold it.

In addition, I use the Emotion and Cody Code to work on the chakras and the associated aura layers.

You can read more about the INNER ALIGNMENT & how I use the Emotion & Body Code work on the Chakra System here:

Balance and Grounding through the INNER ALIGNMENT

The INNER ALIGNMENT of your spine can compensate for bad mental and physical postures. Through the INNER ALIGNMENT, your energy centers, called chakras, will be activated. The original inner order in your body can be restored. Positive change and healing from within become possible.


During the INNER ALIGNMENT - similar to Reiki - a higher force acts at the energetic center of the body, the spine. The INNER ALIGNMENT activates the chakras, releases blockages (according to your respective process), improves your energy flow, and corrects internal and external incorrect postures.

Frequent physical changes

  • Straightening or improving malposition

  • Compensation for pelvic obliquity, hip and shoulder obliquity

  • Compensation of leg length differences

  • Improvement or straightening of spinal curvature

  • Improvement or healing of pain and tension caused by incorrect postures

  • Grounding

  • Positive influences on various symptoms of illness in children and adults

Positive experiences

were made, among other things, in the treatment of the following diseases:

ADS, asthma, respiratory disorders, osteoarthritis, herniated discs, pelvic obliquity, leg length imbalance, depression, developmental disorders, balance disorders, sliding vertebrae, arrhythmia, hearing disorders, hip disorders, sciatica pain, TMJ problems, knee osteoarthritis, knee pain, bone loss, migraines, muscular pain, osteopenia, nephrases Back pain, shoulder-arm syndrome, torticollis, shoulder pain, scoliosis, sports injuries, dizziness, tennis elbow, tinnitus, uneven rows of teeth, twisting.

Activation of the chakras

The chakras are the energy centers in your body. The seven main chakras within the body lie in direct connection and extend to the spine and are responsible for various tasks.

Due to our lifestyle today and a variety of different stresses, the chakras are now often only very weak or deformed for most people. You can find more about the seven main chakras and their tasks here.

The INNER ALIGNMENT activates your chakras and releases blockages according to what is now possible for you, thereby restoring a natural inner order. This has a positive effect on your entire system.

The new activity of the chakras can often start positive changes in the life of those treated. Change always begins with yourself, inside your own energy body, and develops from the inside out.

The Treatment

The INNER ALIGNMENT is usually a one-off treatment that takes place almost without physical contact.

Further treatments are possible but not necessary. Nevertheless, it can set new positive developments in motion for you.

Treatment Process

  • Preliminary discussion and control of pelvic position, leg lengths, shoulder heights, and spine course

  • Oscillating the energy centers (chakras)

  • INNER ALIGNMENT while lying down

  • Short rest period

  • Retesting the chakras + Control of posture

  • Reflection

  • Duration about 1 hour

The INNER ALIGNMENT and the Emotion Code

In rare cases, the INNER ALIGNMENT causes positive changes that your system cannot yet maintain. In these cases, after a while, you may fall back to the original state of the symptom after a while.

Generally, that means, your subconscious wants you to know more the causes of your symptoms. So that you learn something before you can let go of something completely.

I have had very positive experiences in these cases with a follow-up treatment with the Emotion and Body Code. Using these methods, I address different levels of your chakras, their connection with each other, the connected aura layers, and your connection to the divine and the earth and release the energetic blockages that your subconscious allows us to remove at this moment.

When working with energy and these deeper layers, it is always important to remember that your inner wisdom knows exactly what and how much can be done for you at each step on your way.

Sometimes not everything can be directly accepted and maintained by your energetic system. Therefore the work with your chakras and energy layers is a step-by-step process, which allows and enables us only individually despite what's possible now for you to be done.

Find more information about working with the Emotion & Body Code here.

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