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“The Emotion Code is designed to change the world. By releasing people's emotional baggage and by opening their hearts, we can transform the lives of many for the better, making this world a better place."

- Dr. Bradley Nelson


Meeting Requirements


In preparation for working with the Emotion and Body Code, please have a magnet ready for use during the session. You will need the magnet to release and transform trapped emotions and energies. To optimally prepare your first appointment, please send me the topics and concerns, you would like to work on, in advance via email.


This enables me to prepare myself well for you and to support you in the best possible way during your session.




Body Code Sessions


60 minutes: 80 euros

90 minutes: 110 euros

All further started 10 minutes: 10 euros


Heart Wall Offer


Bit by bit, we are going to release the negative trapped emotions around your heart. According to the experience of practitioners worldwide, releasing the heart wall takes place usually in a period of about 1-7 sessions.

The number of negative emotions, stored around your heart, as well as the question of how much your Subconscious allows us to release for you each session decides about the number of sessions needed. 

I will reserve a full hour for you per unit.


You pay for the time, we actually need for your respective session.

10 euros are charged for every 10 minutes started.


10 minutes = 10 euros

15 minutes = 15 euros

60 minutes = 60 euros


If a session is shorter, you pay less.


During the loosening of your heart wall, we support your heart by strengthening positive emotions.



I am happy to support you.

If you would like to make an appointment with me, you can reach me at:


Mobile: +49176/34498609






"Lack is a lie, but a lie believed rules until it is neutralized." 

- Michael Backwith