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Spiritual & Energy Healing


The Emotion & Body Code, the Inner Alignment, and other energy healing methods I use are bioenergetic methods to activate my patients' self-healing powers.


I assure you not to promise to heal anybody. My professional activities serve the self-healing powers of my clients and their personal growth. Spiritual Healing & Energy Work does not replace medical treatment. 


As a voluntary member of the German Association of Spiritual Healing (DGH), I am subject to the DGH's code of conduct.  


Data Protection


All client data are treated strictly confidential. Your right for your data is guaranteed at all times. They are protected from third parties. Your information is exclusively collected to support your healing process (documentation) and to contact you (contact details).


If you want me to delete any information about your sessions and any further data about you from my client folder, please let me know.  You can download an extensive data protection declaration on my work and this website here.



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Eugenia Sabine Stark

Emotion Code & Body Code Pratitioner, according to Dr. Bradley Nelson

Inner Alignment, learned by Burhan Gebhard












Eugenia Sabine Stark

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Phone: +49 911 98207894

Email: mail@emotionen-heilen.de