Emotion and Body Code

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Since the beginning of 2019, I treat people and animals worldwide by releasing trapped emotions and traumas. This way, I help to reactivate their self-healing powers to enable healing. Every day, I experience miracles with my patients.

The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is a bioenergetic method to activate self-healing powers developed by the American chiropractor Dr. Bradley Nelson. Through many years of practice, Dr. Nelson discovered behind almost all of his clients' symptoms of illness the underlying cause of unresolved emotional issues, based on unprocessed events and feelings. Thus, he called trapped emotions and created a method, the Emotion Code, to directly release the emotional causes of his clients' various symptoms. 

With the Emotion Code, it is possible to use muscle tests, personally and at a distance, to detect underlying emotional roots to symptoms as illnesses, ailments, blockages, pain, depression, and many more. These will then be released with a simple magnetic application. With his work, Dr. Nelson enabled thousands of Emotion Code practitioners & users to address the emotional roots of diverse problems directly and thus help people sustainably in a simple, energetic way.


The 18-year-old Mike had suffered from back pain for almost three years. Sometimes with days during which he could barely move due to the severity of his misery. After releasing three stuck emotions, his back pain disappeared completely and is gone ever since. 

Ben had pain in his lungs for years. Releasing underlying emotions started a process inside him. Two weeks after the treatment, he was and remained pain-free.

Claus has been complaining of severe shoulder pain for several months. Various treatments have not yet been able to relieve the pain. By releasing the underlying emotions during one session, his pain was completely cured.

Trapped Emotions

Trapped Emotions are negative emotions, mostly occurred during challenging times or situations, which we haven't been able to process fully. 


Like small energetic blockades, the unprocessed energies of trapped emotions as anxiety, anger, sadness, and many more, remain in the body and influence our health, emotional well-being, and mindset. 


Trapped emotions can trigger emotional discomfort; strain relationships; they cause anxiety, depression, and much more. Though their negative effect on organs and parts of the body, they can cause or aggravate physical pain and illnesses. With the emotion code, the emotional causes of various complaints can be easily found and resolved. By releasing the disturbing trapped emotions, the body can regain its balance and heal itself. The path to health and happiness is released, and healing becomes possible. In addition to the treatment of physical complaints, the emotion code can also help solve emotional complaints, social or other emotional pain, and support you to live a more joyful and fulfilled life.

The Body Code

The Body Code is the next level of energetic healing in the subconscious. While trapped emotions, i.e., the unprocessed feelings from your past, are often the top 1 reason for blockages and illnesses, you will discover that there is much more going on inside of you as soon as you are immersed in the world of your subconscious. Memories, images, patterns, beliefs, connections, promises, but also missing energetic links, chakra topics, toxic surpluses, energetic imbalances in organs, meridians, glands, pathogenic elements, as well as offensive energies, and more, can be found and solved with the use of the sophisticated system of the Body Code from Dr. Bradley Nelson to support you in solving the causes of your symptoms, as well as on the way into the life of your dreams.


If we are able to do something, we need to use it to help others. 

As beautiful and important as the Emotion Code is, since April 2021, I clearly prefer to work with the Body Code with clients. This includes the Emotion Code as a natural part. The Body Code is the most effective instrument for healing and to support your system that I have got to know so far, and I want to use my time to help the people I work with as best I can.

My Work

As an energy, I use muscle testing and my higher senses to translate for your subconscious mind.  I identify, resolve transform or guide you through the process of working with trapped emotions, blocks and energies within you. At the same time, we work on what we intuitively perceive during the sessions. It is important for me to be in constant good communication with you in order to accompany you in your healing development optimally. To support your process, we strengthen and activate positive emotions and energies. 


My ultimate calling is to support you in your own personal development to discover and live your true self and purpose. I therefore offer transformative work and accompany you on your journey to discover and explore the meaning of current issues, and symptoms in your life. Together we transform negative emotions and energies into hidden skills and strengths. This enables us to recognize their messages for you, and to expand your inner color spectrum.


If it has emerged that a significant change may take place for you, I subtly accompany your process by activating and strengthening positive emotions & energies, and by releasing negative energies and traumas that are still in your way.


In addition to the Body Code, I use different energetic methods to support you. 


On request, I am supporting my clients with an Inner Alignment to bring their energy centers back into harmony and free them from negative blockages.

The Emotion and Body Code can do more - Remove your Blockages to live your Potential.

Classicly the Emotion Code and Body Code are used to relieve pain, emotional roots of illnesses, depression, social pain, or other various symptoms. Yet, this work can do so much more!  Releasing subconscious blockages, trapped emotions, harmful beliefs, negative mental programs, patterns and more the work with the Emotioen & Body Code can enable you to live your life with new ease and happiness. You can use this work to releasing blockages to live your dreams, to open your heart, and to ease your way into the life you want to live. Energy Work can be a powerful tool for your self-development and may guide you to an entirely new understanding of yourself.  

Maybe for you, health as well is not just the absence of symptoms but a deep joy in connection with the development of yourself? By releasing trapped emotions and energies, you can work on improving relationships in your life, work on your attitude, and your feelings on various topics such as work, family, or relationship. This special form of work offers us the possibility to work on self-development of any kind (including spiritual development) and can enable you a whole new understanding about yourself, and what is inside you. 

If you are interested in transformial work, this is exactly my calling, and I am happy to be of service. 


Click here to find more information about how I use energy techniques to support my clients for personal growth. 

The Emotion and Body Code - Questions and Answers 


To inform yourself about The Emotion Code and the Body Code, you could find frequently asked questions here. If you have any further questions, please send me an e-mail at eugenia@emotionen-heilen.de