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Transformative Work


"Transformation means to go behind your present life formation" 

- Michael Beckwith

During transformative sessions, I am using the Emotion & Body Code, as well as other energetic methods to support you in your personal growth.

Classically, the Emotion & Body Code are used to release pain or causes of specific physical symptoms. Please find more detailed information on this special and amazing work here. Transformative work goes deeper. Focussed on your personal growth, visions, and goals in life we subordinate various energetic methods to release energetical blocks, beliefs, patterns, images, and more, which are hindering your way to live your truth. 

The Aim Of Transformative Work 

  • To help you get to know yourself on a deeper level.

  • To support you to work with energy and to learn to deal with your emotions anew.

  • To accompany you on your way to become what you can be, free from emotional and other blockages. 

  • To enable you to do your work, psychologically & energetically to come closer to your goals in life. 

How Does Transformative Work Looks Like? 

"Focus on the solutions, not on the problem" 

- Nick Santonatasso


Usually, transformative work begins with opening your heart and, if necessary, an Inner Alignment to balance your energy system. At first, we are therewith working on the fundament of your own inner development. A clear guidance system (your heart) that is able to reflect your needs and wants most clearly to you & a clearer energy system, to set them into practice. Following the guidance of your subconscious, regularly leads us directly into your topics, which we treat, and ease with various energetic methods. Through transformative work, the same positive effects appear as through solving with trapped emotions & energies on different symptoms. Just: In this case, we are releasing blocks on the way to your personal unfolding. That usually leads to the following results for my clients during  transformative sessions:

  • At a certain point, they begin to develop a new contact with their subconscious. Images, words, and messages are starting to come through easier. 

  • They learn to see & work with energetic parts within and release and transform energies for their highest good.

  • Some clients learn and thereby begin to apply energetic methods for themselves and others.  This helps them to make their lives easier and to expand.

During the transformative sessions, we work on various aspects of your life. We work with mental programs, energetic components, constructs, inherited blockages, experiences from previous lives, images, and memories in your energy field, internal and external energies, entities, and much more.  

Often this leads to very spiritual experiences and to the feeling of coming closer to themselves & their inner world on a new level.

Your Task And My Tasks

"Give everything we have to everything we do" 

- Michael Beckwith

To achieve real transformation in your life, your work is needed. There are precise tasks and things that I can do for you as an energy worker to support you on your way. In doing so, I focus on working on fundamental energetical issues and blocks within you.


My Task


  • I open your heart, release blockages in your mind, and work on essential topics that your subconscious and you consider necessary. These are usually shown clearly and distinctly in the sessions. During our work, we entirely rely on your subconscious's guidance. 

  • I am balancing your energetic body, and I activate your chakras to restore a necessary energetical order inside of you. Find more information about the Inner Alignment here.

  • During our sessions, I will show you various energetic methods & questions to help you develop a supportive way of dealing with your emotions and energies.


Your Task

It is my calling & work to show, and teach you essential energy work & further techniques to make your life easier and more beautiful for you and others. And, it is your task to decide on which degree these will find their ways into your life. 


  • You will receive energetic exercises & powerful questions & techniques, which you can apply and practice in your life in every situation. 

  • It is task is to decide how far you want to use what I show you beyond our sessions to support yourself and others.   

How can I opt for a transformative session? 

You can opt for transformative work with me at any time during a session, as well as before you make an appointment with me. 




You pay for the time we need for your session.

60 minutes = 80 Euro

90 minutes = 110 Euro 

120 minutes = 130 Euro 

Each additional 10 minutes started: 10 Euro


I am happy to support you in your transformation. 

If you would like to make an appointment with me, please get in touch: 

Mobile: +49176 / 34498609