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About Me

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"Your authenticity is your natural human filter"

- Nick Santonatasso

About me

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My name is Eugenia Stark. As an intuitive healer, transformational coach, and Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner, I am supporting my clients worldwide on their way of healing, and into personal growth. 

Therefore, I work on my clients' energy bodies and support them by releasing various blockages, such as trapped emotions, negative beliefs, traumas, patterns, energetical or physical imbalances. This way, I help my clients reactivate their self-healing powers, understand the underlying causes behind their symptoms, and heal.

Education & Experiences

  • certified Emotion Code Practitioner, according to Dr. Bradley Nelson

  • certified Body Code Practitioner, according to Dr. Bradley Nelson 

  • Innere Alignment, according to Burhan Gebhard

  • currently becoming New Spirit Coach, according to Bahar Yilmaz & Jeffrey Kastenmüller

  • self-study of the work from Barbara Brennan and Cindy Dale

  • study of energy work with methods by Jeffrey Allen, Michael Backwith, Donna Eden, and more (Mindvalley University)

As a consistent learner, my special thanks goes to the work of Dr. Bradley Nelson as well as the teachers at Mindvalley University, and all the many healers who enrichen and expand our knowledge and skills about energy work day by day. 

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"What absolutely impresses me is Eugenia clarity, competence, and sovereignty. She offers me the things I can release. Always in a way that does not relieve me of my responsibility but elevates me to be the actor of my life. Her way of handling and releasing in-depth topics, such as rejection, envy, jealousy, and many more, always empowered my self-esteem and my competence. Eugenia is still so lovingly accepting that feelings of guilt and shame have had no chance to settle in me and to block my healing. I am very grateful that I can work with her. The Emotion Code and also the transformation of stressful blockages helped me on so many levels. Not only my shoulder problems are solved. I also found a new job during we opened my heart-wall and am extremely happy about her support in my next development steps. "


- Lucie

"All my treatments with the Body Code from Eugenia were like an exciting journey of discovery into new dimensions. They offered me a new and unique view of my body, emotions, and old, adopted patterns. I felt guided through it, but I was always clearly aware of where it was going. I had to let go of old conditioning and let myself surrender to the process. It was a journey inside, a trip into the past. In the end, it always made sense. To me, it was an opening of the inner eye through which healing took place.


I am also incredibly fascinated by the professionalism and total dedication of Eugenia. I always felt safe and accompanied. A healing experience that I can only recommend."

- Oliver

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Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur
Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur
Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur
Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur

Energy Healing

The basic principle of energy healing is the belief that the causes of suffering can be found within the people. Instead of treating symptoms, we try to find the underlying reasons for complaints and do support the energetic release of them.


Healing thereby always implies personal development and growth and is associated with self-knowledge and personal responsibility.


Everyone is able to contribute to his or her own healing process and to work energetically. In order to support you in taking responsibility for your own healing work, it is important to me to show you tools and methods to work effectively and lovingly on yourself and to support you in the different situations. 


Sessions with the Emotion Code, Body Code, or other energy methods do not replace conventional medical treatment and they cannot guarantee healing. Likewise, conventional medical treatment cannot replace the work of methods such as the Emotion or Body Code, or energetic work in general. 



As a member of the umbrella organization (DGH) in Germany for energetic healing, I submit to their rules for healers. This includes that I do and can not give any healing promises, nor do I diagnose clients in any way.  The focus of my work is the activation of the self-healing powers of my clients. 


You can find more information about the DGH (Dachverband Geistigen Heilens)  here.

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