Releasing the Heart-Wall

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"Hatten Sie jemals das Gefühl, eine „Mauer bauen“ zu müssen, um sich selbst in einer wie auch immer gearteten bedrohlichen Situation zu schützen? Es scheint so, als habe dieser gängige Ausdruck seine Grundlage in der Realität. Wir nennen dieses Phänomen die „Herzmauer“; wir meinen damit eine Art Schutzwall oder Schutzmauer um das Herz." 

Dr. Bradley Nelson, aus "Der Emotionscode"

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The Heart Wall


Trapped emotions can create a wall around your heart, and thereby reduce your heart's natural abilities. They can decrease your ability to be happy, to receive, and to give love. Depending on how many trapped emotions burden your heart, so-called heart walls may trigger different symptoms and may lead to or contribute to various diseases, such as chronic physical complaints, negative relationship patterns, and many other negative effects.


Typical Symptoms of a Heart Wall 

  • Low immune system

  • Little energy

  • Various chronic and acute diseases

  • Ambiguity about one's task in life

  • Lack of joy and happiness

  • A heart that feels less, can no longer clearly feel and radiate love

  • Tendencies to become dependent or codependent

  • Allowance to abuse

  • Any form of self-abuse

  • Depression

  • Burnout

  • Lack of orientation in life

Difficult Heart-To-Heart Communication


As soon as you feel loving feelings towards another person, your heart sends those to your counterpart in form of positive vibrations. In case there is a heart wall around your sending heart, your positive feelings must pass through the negative layers of the heart wall. 


That means: The positive energy runs through various negative energy fields on its way to the heart of your counterpart, the receiver of your loving message. These negative energy layers act on the loving energy you send. The more negative emotions your loving energies need to pass, the more your positive message becomes deformed and negatively influenced.


Until your positive vibration has reached your counterpart, there may not be much left of your origin loving energy. More or less negatively deformed energies reach your counterpart, to which he or she reacts subconsciously. Your best intention can energetically turn into an unintentionally negative message for others and may cause subconscious misunderstandings.


With the Emotion Code, it is possible to release your heart wall and to bring your heart back to its full potential.

Positive Effects From Releasing The Heart Wall

"No one ever went through a perfect day and decided to become a better person. You become a better person when you face the fear, you face the uncomfortable, you do the right thing even so you know it´s the hard thing." - JJ Virgin 

We learn and grow through pain, difficult situations, and challenges in our life. That's good. Nevertheless, often unprocessed emotions and situations remain in us subconsciously and block us for future experiences. By releasing these negative emotions around your heart, you can help your heart to return to its natural loving potential.


By releasing the negative emotions and blockages around your heart, you become open to face new experiences again in a positive way and you can help your heart to return to its natural loving potential.

By Releasing The Heart Wall

- ... you allow your heart to take on its positive leadership role

- ... you facilitate heart-to-heart communication

- ... you learn to perceive the messages of your heart better again

-… you support your health

- ... you help your heart to develop its full capacity for love

- ... you learn to manifest what you need in their life

Freed from negative emotions, your heart can clearly show you again what it wants and help you to make your life happy and fulfilled.



Releasing the Heart Wall


“The heart wall is gone and I feel so free now, and can really feel how I can now develop emotionally. I used to have blockages in this area of my life, that bothered me. 2 years ago I suffered from depression and I still carried a lot of negative emotions from this time inside me. That made my quality of life worse. I haven't been able to trust myself, and there were a lot of things I felt unwell with. My depression, amongst other things, started because of my move to Germany and many problems related. For example, I always panicked as soon as a letter arrived at our place because I always associated it with the immigration authorities or the bank.

Now I realize that all of this is just gone. I used to have control over everything in my life. Not any longer. The Emotion Code was like a key to answering many of my questions. I am now able to feel freedom inside, that I have never allowed myself before "


- Margarita S.


Releasing the heart wall is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone with the Emotion Code. I can only motivate everyone to work on their own heart wall and to have it released.


Releasing the heart wall requires a great deal of tact and is usually done in 2 - 7 sessions. Because even if the heart wall is a negatively charged protection, your heart wants to get used to the heart wall bit by bit. Your subconscious determines how much can be released in one session. The work on your heart wall can therefore be shorter or longer.


The Emotion Code is a method that can basically be learned by anyone. Information about this work can be found in the book "The Emotion Code" by Dr. Bradley Nelson.


If you decide to have your heart wall released professionally, I am happy to be at your disposal.

Heart wall offer


Bit by bit, we release negative trapped emotions around your heart.

The release of the heart wall takes place according to the experience of Emotioncode users worldwide is usually a period of about 2-7 sessions.


The number of trapped emotions stored around your heart and how much work on the heart wall will individually be allowed and accepted from your subconscious each session is decisive for the duration of the treatment.


During the release of your heart wall, we support your heart by strengthening positive emotions and adding them in your heart. My experience shows, that it is often possible to work on your heart wall for an hour and even longer through the targeted strengthening of positive emotions.


I will therefore reserve a full hour for you per unit.


You pay for the time that we actually need for your respective session.

10 euros will be charged for every 10 minutes started.


10 minutes = 10 euros

30 minutes = 30 euros

60 minutes = 60 euros


If a session is shorter, you will pay less.

You Want To Release Your Heart Wall?

I am looking forward to supporting you!


Find more about meetings with me, making appointments, and preparing to work with the Emotion Code here .