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How to learn the Emotion Code

Do you feel the positive changes inside you after experiences with the Emotion Code? Then, you might already have fallen deeply in love with energy work :-) If so, you might want to learn the Emotion Code yourself. Therefore, you will find various sources here that can help you.

The Emotion Code, the book by Dr. Bradley Nelson

In his book "The Emotion Code", Dr. Nelson describes what you can do with the Emotion Code, why it could support you so much, how it works, and how you may quickly learn it.

You can buy the book for around 22 euros in your bookstore or online.

YouTube Sources

Suppose you already know how to use and implement the EC for yourself, and you like to learn quickly and easily through short videos. In that case, please find two YouTube videos by Dr. Bradley Nelson explaining and teaching why and how the Emotion Code works here:

Why the Emotion Code works

Online Kurs

For all English-speaking friends, who want to learn the Emotion Code more comprehensively, Discover Healing offers a new online course.

Here you can find the advertisement from Dr. Bradley Nelson and his team, as well as the link to the course.


It’s never been easier to start your energy healing journey — with videos that you can enjoy anytime, pause to practice what you’re learning, and watch over and over again! Learn to use The Emotion Code during four hours of instructional videos, including five energy healing sample sessions, and an introduction to muscle testing. You’ll receive a deep education on The Emotion Code straight from Dr. Brad and his team.

Find more about the course here.

Practicing the Emotion Code together

For everyone interested in practicing the Emotion Code together in a group, I am soon planning to organize regular practice evenings/afternoons for beginners and advanced learners.

If you are interested in an online exercise afternoon or evening, please send me an email at - and I will get in touch with you as soon as we start our first lessons.

I am sure the Emotion Code will enchant your life in a very positive way :-)

Have fun practicing!

With lovely greetings,



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