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The seven Chakras

Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur
Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur
Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur
Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur
Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur
Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur
Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur

The INNER ALIGNMENT affects your energy center, called chakras, and activates it. It has a positive effect on your entire system and can allow positive processes to develop in your life. Change in your life happens from the inside out.

The seven main chakras lie along the spine and perform different tasks in your life. Based on the Hindu system, you will learn more about the location of your seven main energy centers and their areas of responsibility in your life.

Crown Chakra 

Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur

The seventh chakra - Sanskrit: Sahasrara


The crown chakra combines your emotions and beliefs with higher values such as consciousness, truth, hope, and love. It dissolves evaluations, hatred, or discrimination. Fully developed enables you to overcome the state of separation and to experience yourself as one with everything that is. The crown chakra is also considered a personal connection to God.


Location: on top of your head

Third Eye Chakra

Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur

The sixth Chakra - Sanskrit: Ajna

Higher qualities such as intuition, insight, imagination, clairvoyance, telepathy, concentration, calm, wisdom, and devotion are ascribed to the forehead chakra. Often called the third eye, the forehead chakra connects inner and spiritual visions and takes on a planning function for the future of your life. This chakra enables you to foresee the future and manifest your dreams. Fully developed allows you to stay in the moment while taking care of the manifestation and planning of your future.


Location: between your eyes at the level of the so-called third eye

Throat Chakra 

Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur

The fifth Chakra - Sanskrit: Vishuddha


The name Vishuddha means "cleaning" in Sanskrit. Communication covers every area of our life. The throat chakra helps us to express our emotions, to express our wishes, to be honest with ourselves and others, and to set limits when they are needed. It is responsible for our creative expression, our verbal, written, and artistic expression. It enables us to perceive the voice from within and gives strength to our voice and expression.


Location: throat

Heart Chakra 

Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur

The fourth Chakra - Sanskrit: Anahata

The heart chakra is often seen as the seat of the true self, the divine within us, and the center of the chakras. The tasks of the heart chakra include Self-love, love for others and recognizing and following your own heart's desires. Through your heart-based emotions, it shows you what is good and wrong for you and manifests what you need in your life. In Hinduism it is assumed that in the heart chakra, the power of the Kundalini unfolds part of its magic and that what hurts us turns into gold, into wisdom attained.


Position: in the chest at the level of your heart

Solar Plexus Chakra 

Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur

The third Chakra - Sanskrit: Manipuri


The solar plexus chakra is also called the brain of the body. It contains your beliefs and thoughts, which shape your life, work-life, worldly success, and self-confidence. It creates habits and patterns, opinions, judgments, and actions. So, it helps to regulate your life. The thoughts from the third chakra mix with the feelings of your sacral chakra. These two chakras influence each other and are creating healthy or unhealthy thoughts and emotions in your life.


Location: upper abdominal cavity

Sacral Chakra 

Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur

The second Chakra - Sanskrit: Svadhisthana

The sacral chakra is responsible for your emotions, your creativity, and sensory perception. It enables you to fill your life with meaning and experience. Through the sacral chakra, you can enjoy the flow and the play with the pure life energy and your relationship to vitality. It enables you to devote yourself to live passionate love and lust and helps you to process new ideas. It controls our reproduction, sexuality, digestion of food, our physical strength, and vitality.


Location: in your lower abdomen

Roots Chakra

Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur

The first Chakra - Sanskrit: Muadhara


The root chakra is at the base of your spine. It is associated with a feeling of security, stability, and a connection to the earth. Responsible for your self-preservation, serenity, safety, health, patience, courage, and individuality. It lays the foundation for growth in your life. It organizes your material needs, controls your instincts, the mastery of your body, and is responsible for success, physical expression in this world, and your basic needs. Developed positively, it forms a stable basis in your life and serves as a foundation for your identity.


Location: anchored at the base of your spine, in your hips

The INNER ALIGNMENT and the Chakras

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Activate your Chakras with the INNER ALIGNMENT

During the INNER ALIGNMENT, your chakras are activated and opened (as far as possible for you according to your development). This allows your energy centers to start working in your life, the way intended for you.

The Activation of your Chakras strengthens your self-healing powers. It often causes long-term positive processes in the lives of those treated.


The INNER ALIGNMENT is an almost touch-free, one-time treatment that you receive lying down. During the INNER ALIGNMENT, similar to Reiki, specific energy acts on the energetic body of the human being. The spine will be energetically aligned, blockages of the energy body will be released, and the chakras will be activated.

After the INNER ALIGNMENT, various positive effects are possible. 

Find more about inner and outer effects of the INNER ALIGNMENT here.

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