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The Emotion & Body Code

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Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur
Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur
Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur
Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur
Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur
Chakren Farben tenderness usw c by lemur

Most physical and psychological complaints are rooted in subconscious imbalances. Using methods as the Emotion & Body Code, I am working to find and release unprocessed (trapped) emotional and energetical roots of pain, illnesses, blocks, and other symptoms, which need to be released to activate the self-healing powers of my clients. Find more information about the Emotion & Body Code here.

As a transformation coach and energy worker, I use energetic methods to support you on your unique inner and outer path. To enable you, to come closer to yourself. To live more in accordance with your inner truth, and to live, and find your task and potential in this world


Every person has the potential to work with energy. During transformative sessions, I show you how to use energy work to support yourself lovingly and effectively in all areas of your life towards more ease, joy, and fulfillment.

Find more about transformative work with me here.


I am happy to support you with your symptoms and on your way to your personal power, and true self. 


Don´t hesitate to reach out.  I am happy to answer any questions. To get in touch, please use the contact form below. 

With love, 


"When meaning is added to

suffering, suffering can be



- Michael Beckwith 



Read more about me, and the Emotion & Body Code here.



My Work:  

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Emotion Code & 

Body Code

Using the Emotion and Body Bode, I am detecting and releasing subconscious roots of physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological pain.

Find more information about this beautiful and essential work here

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In transformative sessions, I use energy work to support you in your personal growth.  We open your heart, work on your energy system, help you to perceive the desires from within more clearly, and release blockages, stopping you from following your goals and wishes in life more easily.

Read more about transformative work here.

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Through the Inner Alignment and work with the Emotion and Body Code, we support your chakra system, your connection between heaven and earth, and help your energetic system work even better.

You can read more about working with your chakras here.

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